Aduki beans are a versatile and nutritious ingredient that can be used in many vegetarian recipes, from soups and stews to salads and patties. Here is a comprehensive guide to over 50 delicious aduki bean recipes that will satisfy your taste buds and nourish your body.

50+ Delicious Vegetarian Aduki Bean Recipes


Here are the ingredients needed for most aduki bean recipes:

  • Aduki beans (either canned or cooked)
  • Vegetables (such as onion, garlic, carrot, celery)
  • Herbs and spices (such as bay leaves, cumin, coriander)
  • Broth or stock (vegetable or mushroom)
  • Grains or starches (such as quinoa, rice noodles or sweet potato)

Directions/Preparation instructions

  1. If using dried aduki beans: soak overnight in plenty of water. Drain then rinse.
  2. Cook the aduki beans until tender but not mushy.
  3. In another pot sauté onions until soft then add chopped vegetables with herbs/spices.
  4. Add cooked drained adukis along with broth/stock at this stage.
  5. Simmer on low heat for few minutes till everything comes together well.

Note: The following cooking time and temperature guidelines may vary depending on the recipe being followed.

Cooking Time & Temperature Guidelines

Cooking time may take up to an hour depending on which recipe you choose since some might require simmering while others just need heating-up.

Temperature ranges would typically be between medium-low heat when simmering soups/stews to high heat when frying patties/burgers etc.

My Pro-tips

  • For an extra flavourful soup base use vegetable broth instead of plain water
  • To cut down prepping time use canned/cooked version of black-eyed peas instead

Seasoning Options

Some common seasoning options include smoked paprika, cayenne pepper or chili powder for a spicy kick. For a savory flavor try using garlic powder and chopped fresh rosemary.

Recommended Tools to Make this Recipe

You can either use a heavy-bottomed pot with lid or an Instant Pot which is known to process beans much quicker than traditional stovetop cooking.

To sum Up

This guide offers over 50 delicious aduki bean recipes that are easy to make and packed full of nutrition. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or just looking for some plant-based inspiration, these recipes will surely satisfy your taste buds while nourishing your body.


Here are three popular FAQs regarding “50+ Delicious Vegetarian Aduki Bean Recipes,” with their answers:

What are aduki beans, and where can I find them?
Aduki beans, also known as azuki or red beans, are small red beans native to East Asia. They have a slightly sweet taste and a soft texture when cooked. You can find aduki bean in most health food stores, specialty stores or online.

Are these recipes vegan-friendly?
Yes! All of the recipes featured in “50+ Delicious Vegetarian Aduki Bean Recipes” are vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Do I need to soak aduki beans before cooking them?
It is recommended that you soak aduki beans overnight (for 8-12 hours) before cooking them to reduce cooking time and improve digestion. However, if you don’t have time for soaking you can still cook the unsoaked beans but it will take more time to cook them through thoroughly.