Are you short on time but still want to enjoy delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals? Look no further than these simple four-ingredient recipes that are easy to make and bursting with flavor. Here’s why you’ll love this recipe:

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

  • Quick and easy: With only four ingredients, these dinners can be thrown together in no time.
  • Nutritious: All of the recipes are plant-based and packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
  • Flavorful: Despite their simplicity, the dishes are full of flavor thanks to clever ingredient combinations.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Ingredient List

  1. Creamy Tomato Pasta:
  2. Whole wheat pasta
  3. Canned diced tomatoes
  4. Coconut milk
  5. Spinach

  6. Chickpea Curry:

    • Chickpeas
    • Canned tomato sauce
    • Onion
    • Garlic
  7. Sweet Potato Quesadilla:

    • Tortillas
    • Cooked sweet potato
    • Shredded cheese
    • Salsa
  8. Black Bean Burgers:
    – Canned black beans
    – Rolled oats
    – Onion
    -Taco seasoning mix

How To Make This Recipe

Creamy Tomato Pasta:

  1. Cook whole wheat pasta according to package instructions.

  2. In a separate pan, heat canned diced tomatoes over medium heat until warm.

  3. Add coconut milk to heated tomatoes and stir until it forms a creamy sauce.

  4. Mix in spinach leaves until wilted.

  5. Toss cooked pasta into the tomato sauce mixture until well coated.

Chickpea Curry:

1.Add onion and garlic to heated oil or cooking spray on medium heat, sautee for 5 minutes till onions are translucent

  1. Add chickpeas and canned tomato sauce in the pan.

  2. Stir and cook for about 10 minutes until the stew has thickened.

  3. Serve with brown rice or quinoa if desired

Sweet Potato Quesadilla:

  1. Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat.

  2. Arrange cooked sweet potato on one side of the tortilla, then sprinkle shredded cheese evenly across it .

  3. Fold tortilla in half over filling, press down lightly to seal, then place into heated skillet.

4.Cover skillet,and let quesadilla cook for about 5 minutes until bottom is golden-brown and crispy and cheese is melted.

5.Flip quesadilla over with a spatula or carefully slide onto a plate before flipping it back into the hot frying pan to cook second side till it’s become crisp as well.

6.Remove from heat,cut into wedges and served with salsa.

Cooking Time & Temperature Guidelines

Cooking times vary depending on the recipe, but each dish should take no longer than 30-40 minutes to prepare from start to finish.

My Pro-tips

  • Use whole wheat pasta instead of white pasta for extra fiber
  • Customize curries by adding vegetables like bell pepper or spinach
  • Microwave sweet potatoes ahead of time for quick assembly

Seasoning Options

Each recipe can be seasoned according to personal preference – feel free to experiment with spices!

Recipe Tips

For an even quicker mealtime experience:
-Cooked up some ingredients (e.g: sweet potatoes) ahead of time!
-Buy pre-cut vegetables!

Recommended Tools To Make This Recipe:

  • Non-stick skillet
  • Cutting board

To Sum Up,

These four ingredient vegetarian dinners are incredibly easy, delicious& nutritious meals that requires minimal effort without skimping out flavor!


Q: What kind of vegetarian meals can I make with only four ingredients?
A: Four-ingredient vegetarian meals can be simple and satisfying! You can try recipes like roasted sweet potato and black bean quesadillas, stuffed avocado boats, lentil soup with kale and quinoa or even peanut butter veggie fried rice! These recipes use minimal ingredients but still pack in loads of flavor and nutrients.

Q: Can these recipes be made vegan-friendly?
A: Absolutely! Most of the four-ingredient vegetarian meals on AddM3 are already naturally vegan or have options to make them vegan-friendly. If a recipe calls for cheese or another animal product, you could easily substitute it with a plant-based alternative or omit it altogether.

Q: Are these meals suitable for meal prepping?
A: Yes, many of these quick and easy dinner ideas are perfect for meal prepping. For example, you could prepare several servings of lentil soup in advance to reheat throughout the week or assemble multiple batches of stuffed avocado boats for grab-and-go lunches. By doing some preparation ahead of time, you’ll save yourself time during busy weekday evenings while still enjoying healthy home-cooked food at home!