If you’re looking for quick, healthy, and flavorful vegetarian meals that can be made in a snap using an Instant Pot, then you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of our favorite easy Instant Pot recipes that pack a punch with nutritious ingredients and delicious flavors.

15 Easy Vegetarian Instant Pot Recipes for Quick and Healthy Meals

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

These vegetarian Instant Pot recipes are perfect for busy weeknights when you want to get dinner on the table quickly. With minimal prep time and hands-on cooking time, they’re also great options for meal prepping or batch cooking over the weekend. Plus, they’re packed with hearty vegetables, plant-based proteins, and wholesome grains- making them ideal choices for anyone following a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Ingredient List of The Recipe

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • black beans
  • brown rice
  • diced tomatoes
  • vegetable broth
  • chili powder
  • cumin

How To Make This Recipe

  1. Rinse the black beans under cold water and drain.
  2. Combine the rinsed black beans in your instant pot with brown rice.
  3. Add diced tomatoes to pot along with chili powder, cumin,and salt.
  4. Pour vegetable broth into instant pot an stir in ingredients until everything is well combine.
    5.Set ip: Cook on manual pressure cooker mode at high pressure for 22 minutes followed by natural release.

Cooking Time & Temperature Guidelines

Cooking time: 22 Minutes
Pressure: High Pressure

Pro Tips

  1. If desired add additional spices/herbs such as smoked paprika or cilantro depending on personal preference/taste buds .
    2.Mix up your veggies! You can use whatever vegetables you have in your fridge/freezer/cupboard e.g.spinach/zucchini /eggplant/chopped bell peppers/carrots/potatoes.

Seasoning Options

  • Smoked paprika
  • Cilantro

Recipe Tips

  1. Ensure dried black beans are rinsed well under running water before being added to the Instant Pot.
  2. Leave some space around ingredients in instant pot so that they can expand during cooking.

Recommended Tools To Make This recipe

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker, Measuring cups and spoons, Cutting Board & Knife.

To Sum Up: The Recipe’s Biggest Takeaway

This easy Instant Pot vegetarian recipe is packed with wholesome ingredients that provide a delicious, hearty meal perfect for busy weeknights or anyone looking for quick and healthy meals on-the-go!


Sure, here are three popular FAQs for “15 Easy Vegetarian Instant Pot Recipes for Quick and Healthy Meals” along with their answers:

Can I make these recipes without an Instant Pot?
Yes, the recipes on this list can be adapted to cook using other methods such as a stove-top pressure cooker or slow cooker. However, some adjustments in cooking time may be required.

Do I need special ingredients or equipment to make these recipes?
All of the ingredients used in these vegetarian Instant Pot recipes should be readily available at any grocery store or online food service. As for equipment, all you need is an Instant Pot or similar electric pressure cooker.

Are these recipes suitable for meal prepping?
Absolutely! Many of the recipes on this list are designed to save you time and effort by allowing you to prepare several servings at once which can then be stored as leftovers or frozen for later use. Just adjust serving sizes based on your needs.