If you are looking for flavorful and satisfying vegetarian lunch ideas, you can’t go wrong with these 10 mouth-watering Indian recipes. From creamy curries to aromatic rice dishes, these recipes will surely impress. Here is a summary of each recipe, along with detailed instructions on how to make them.

Recipe #1: Chana Masala

  • Ingredients:
    • chickpeas
    • onion
    • tomato sauce
    • spices (cumin, coriander, turmeric)
  • Directions:
  • Heat oil in a pan over medium heat.
  • Add onions and cook until golden brown.
  • Add tomato sauce and spices then mix well.
  • Pour in the chickpeas and simmer for about 15 minutes until cooked through.
  • Cooking Time: Approximately 30 minutes
  • Pro-tips:
    • Use fresh ingredients for the best flavor.
    • For more spice, add chili powder or chopped chilies while cooking.

Recipe #2: Aloo Gobi (Potato Cauliflower Curry)

  • Ingredients:
    • potatoes
    • cauliflower
    • onion
    • tomato paste
    • spices (ginger-garlic paste, cumin seeds)
  • Directions:

    1. Fry potatoes in oil first until lightly colored then put it aside
      saute garlic and ginger pastes
      stir fry trimmed cauliflower florets quickly so they get slightly caramelized but still have some crunch left
      mix all together add few spoons of water/vegetable broth
      cook an additional few minutes covered or “do parda” style which means putting a lid directly onto food to allow steam to help it cook
      Add lemon juice if desired

    2. Cooking Time: Approximately 30 minutes

    3. Pro-tips:
      • Use fresh cauliflower and potatoes for the best flavor.
      • Toast cumin seeds before adding them to the curry for a more robust flavor.

Recipe #3: Palak Paneer

  • Ingredients:
    • spinach
    • paneer cheese
    • onion
    • tomato puree
    • spices (ginger-garlic paste, garam masala)
  • Directions:
    1. Blanche spinach leaves then drain well
  • Blend it into a fine paste or chop finely
  • Fry cubed paneer cheese in oil till golden brown and transfer
    Saute onions in remaining oil, add garlic ginger pastes
    Add tomato puree
  • Mix in chopped spinach and cook for five minutes until fully incorporated
    Season with salt and garam masala
  • Cooking Time: Approximately 40 minutes
  • Pro-tips:
    • Use extra-firm tofu instead of paneer if you are vegan.
      - Adding cream during cooking is not necessary; only use when serving.(if desired).

Recipe #4: Masoor Dal Tadka (Spiced Red Lentil Soup)

  • Ingredients:
    spiced red lentils
    Spices(turmeric powder,cumin seed)
    Water/vegetable broth(optioanl)

  • Directions:

1.Cook diced onions, minced garlic cloves,tomatoes ,add turmeric ,cumin seedsand sauté together
2.Add rinsed/spice-injected lentils;cook from low heat after bringing to boil
3.Optional : Mixing water or vegetable broth gradually while monitoring consistency
4.Allow cooked through then season with salt; add Tadka (tempering spices)
5.Serve hot, garnished with cilantro leaves
– Cooking Time: Approximately 30 minutes
– Pro-tips:
– Rinse lentils well before cooking.
– To make the Tadka seasoning, heat ghee or oil in a separate pan and add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves and asafetida.

Recipe #5: Vegetable Biryani

  • Ingredients:
    Onion,bell peppers,string/jackfruit-mushroom/peas/spinach
    Dry fruits optional
    Spices(saffron,garam masala,cloves,cinnamon sticks).

  • Directions:

  • Cook rice according to package instructions but reduce water by half

  • In separate pot/pans fry up diced onions and relevant veggies together
    3.Add cooked rice with necessary seasonings mixing all ingredients evenly
    4.Optional : Bake for additional ten minutes
    5.Serve hot

                                ## Recipe #6 Pav Bhaji (Mixed Vegetables Gravy)

    whole-wheat buns mixed vegetables(grated carrots,chopped bell peppers,sliced tomatoes,and peas),vegetable broth/pureed lentil(base gravy mix),
    Optional topping(Spiced butter(onion,tomato puree,butter),diced onion,tomatoes cucumber)


1)Fry up veggies in a single pot with any desired spices till tender
2) Add prepared vegetable broth/lentil mix at intervals,mix it all together
Saute diced onions until golden brown
Add tomato puree and continue to saute till fully mixed/brown, then set aside for later
melt butter in a pan until it becomes frothy
Mix spiced onion/tomato puree until fully incorporated
4) Serve the spicy mix with split, lightly toasted and buttered wheat buns
– Cooking Time: Approximately 30 minutes
– Pro-tips:
– Butter buns are perfect for this recipe.
– Ensure that all vegetables used cook at relatively same time (3 minute interval maximum between each vegetable addition) so as not to overcook.

Recipe #7 Rajma Masala (Red Kidney Bean Curry)

  • Ingredients:
    red kidney beans
    tomato puree
    spices(ginger-garlic paste,turmeric,garam masala,cumin powder,chili powder)
    Ghee/oil optional

  • Directions:

1.Cook red kidney beans beforehand(instant pot or pre-boiling ensures desired softness), reserve the bit of broth
2. Saute onions until golden brown followed by ginger/garlic pastes.
3.Add tomato puree along with cooked red kidney beans and stir well
4.Mix in seasonings(such as turmeric, garam masala, cumin powder,and chili powder if desired.)
5.Simmer in low heat covered

  • Cooking time: Approximately 40 minutes
  • Pro tips :
    - Some people prefer adding a wedge of lime or vinegar prior to serving
    - Add more water from reserved broth if mixture appears too dry;Conversely use thickener such as corn starch or flour for thickening.

Recipe #8 Aloo Paratha(potatoes stuffed Indian flatbread)


-Olive oil
-Wheat flour
-Coriander leaves

  • Directions:

1)Cook potatoes until soft,drain water and mash well
2) Mix mashed potatoes into the flour with salt
3)+optional : add half a teaspoon of garam masala spice
4)knead dough to form a ball
5)set aside dough for at least 30 minutes
6)index your dough and roll out flattened disks in cup shape
7)stuff each disk with spiced mashed potato mixture then fold the edges together
8)melt olive oil or ghee on low heat in pan till bubbles appear
9)fry flatbread for about five minutes each side
10) Garnish with coriander leaves before serving

  • Cooking Time: Approximately 45 minutes
  • Pro-tips:
    • Use warm water when kneading the dough.
    • Serve hot with pickle, chutney or other sauce.

Recipe #9 Masala Dosa (Spicy Crepe)

  • Ingredients:
    Rice/lentil batter,
    chana dal/fenugreek seeds
    onion-carrot-bean filling
    Ghee/oil optional

  • Directions:

1.Mix rice/lentil batter properly then set aside
2.Soak beans overnight(alternatively soak fenugreek seeds briefly at morning).Grind it into paste.
3.Combine batter/masala mix(if desired)/water as needed
4.Heat skillet/crepe pan,pour mixture to create circular crepe after medium heat has been achieved
5.STuffing preparation:Sauté finely chopped onions followed by carrots on medium-high heat.Add green beans last
6.Pureed vegetable prepared(optional):Blending tomatoes/tamarind paste/red chili powder/salt/garlic/onions together
7+ Optional0 Prepare appropriate sambar(chick peas curry soup)- (lentils, vegetables,sambar powder, tamarind juice,turmeric,chili powder).
8)Add oil or ghee to skillet/pan then pour the crepe mix
9)Spread onion-carrot-bean filling over one side of the dosa
10)Serve hot with sambar and coconut chutney.

  • Cooking Time: Approximately 45 minutes
  • Pro-tips:
    • Fermenting batter overnight leads to a better taste.
    • Use a non-stick pan for easy flipping.

Recipe #10 Baingan Bharta (Eggplant Curry)

  • Ingredients:
    spices(green chili,mustard seeds,cumin seeds,haldi, red chili powder )

  • Directions:

1.Bake eggplants in oven until soft and tender
2.Remove skin from eggplant once it’s cool
3.Smash up eggplant using a fork; set aside
4.Saute onions in oil until translucent
5.Add sliced tomatoes along with green chilies,and previously mashed eggplant
6.spice mixture added after all three already mixed together
7.simmer on low heat till fully incorporated

  • Cooking Time: Approximaltely 40 minutes
  • Pro-tips:
    • Add minced garlic cloves while sautéing onions for extra flavor.
    • Finish off by adding coriander leaves as garnish just before serving.

These vegetarian Indian lunch recipes are perfect for anyone looking for flavorful and wholesome dishes that are full of plant-based goodness. From spicy curries to satisfying stews, these recipes will surely satisfy your cravings. So get ready to enjoy some delicious homemade meals!


Sure, here are three popular FAQs and their answers for “10 Mouth-Watering Vegetarian Indian Lunch Recipes”:
1. How long do these vegetarian Indian lunch recipes take to cook?
Answer: The cooking time may vary depending on the recipe you choose. Some dishes can be prepared in under 30 minutes, while others may take an hour or more. Each recipe provides an estimated preparation and cooking time, so be sure to refer to that when planning your meal.

Can I adjust the spice level in these recipes?
Answer: Yes, absolutely! The amount of spices used in Indian cuisine can sometimes feel overwhelming for those who aren’t accustomed to them. You can adjust the quantity of spices used based on your personal taste preferences.

Are these vegetarian Indian lunch recipes suitable for a vegan diet as well?
Answer: Most of the recipes are already vegan-friendly or have suggested modifications listed within each recipe to make it vegan-friendly (such as swapping paneer cheese with tofu). However, some dishes may contain dairy products like yogurt or ghee which can easily be substituted with plant-based alternatives such as coconut yogurt or oil instead of ghee . Be sure to check each recipe carefully before preparing it if you have specific dietary requirements.