If you’re looking for vegetarian recipes that are both flavorful and easy to make, this collection of French-inspired dishes is sure to impress. From savory quiches to hearty stews, these recipes highlight the best of French cuisine without any meat.

10 Easy & Delicious French Vegetarian Recipes

Why You’ll Love These Recipes:

  • Made with fresh ingredients
  • Easy to prepare
  • Family-friendly
  • Perfect for weeknight dinners or special occasions

Recipe List:

  1. Quiche Lorraine
  2. Ratatouille
  3. Mushroom Bourguignon
  4. Potato Leek Soup
  5. Nicoise Salad
  6. Chickpea Cassoulet
  7. Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  8. Onion Tart
    9.Caramelized Onion Galette
    10.Gratin Dauphinois


All ingredients are listed in detail within each recipe attached below.

How To Make These Recipes:

Please refer to each individual recipe guide below for detailed instructions and cooking times/temperatures.
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1) Quiche Lorraine

Quiche Lorraine is a classic dish from France that combines savory custard with crispy bacon bits in a buttery crust.

2) Ratatouille

Ratatouille is a vegetable stew made with tomatoes, peppers, onions, eggplant and zucchini cooked down into a luscious sauce.

3) Mushroom Bourguignon

Mushroom Bourguignon captures all the flavors of beef bourguignon but replaces it with mushrooms making it perfect for vegetarians!

4) Potato Leek Soup

Potato Leek soup has become an icon of classic french cuisine! Simple and delicious!

5) Nicoise Salad

Nicoise Salad is a light meal that features boiled potatoes, green beans, olives, and tuna (or vegan protein) served over crisp greens with a flavorful dressing.

6) Chickpea Cassoulet

Chickpea Cassoulet is a hearty stew made with chickpeas and vegetables in a rich tomato sauce.

7) Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes are the perfect comfort food! They complement many savory dishes.

8) Onion Tart

Onion Tart is an easy vegetarian dish that’s both rich and satisfying!

9) Caramelized Onion Galette

Caramelized Onion Galette features sweet caramelized onions combined with goat cheese atop a crispy crust. A real crowd pleaser!

10) Gratin Dauphinois

Gratin Dauphinois is a creamy potato bake featuring layers of potatoes covered in cream sauce, topped with golden breadcrumbs.

Cooking Time & Temperature Guidelines:

Each recipe has its own cooking time and temperature guidelines which will be included within each individual recipe guide below. Please refer to those guides for specific details..

My Pro-Tips:

  • Use fresh herbs whenever possible
  • Don’t rush the caramelization process – it’s worth the wait!
  • Most recipes can be made ahead of time or freeze really well.

Seasoning Options:

  • Salt and pepper
  • Fresh herbs like thyme, rosemary or oregano
  • Lemon juice/vinegar to add acidity

Recipe Tips:

  1. Take your time preparing each dish – French food is all about patience!
  2. Be sure to read through each recipe thoroughly before beginning.
  3. Sauté vegetables until soft but not browned to bring out more flavors!

Recommended Tools To Make These Recipes:

Some kitchen tools you may need include knives for chopping vegetables, baking sheets for tarts/hot potatoes etc., pie dishes for quiches, and a blender or immersion blender for soups.

To Sum Up:

These French vegetarian dishes are easy-to-make, flavorful, and perfect for any occasion! Whether you’re looking to make a quick weeknight dinner or impress guests at your next dinner party with the unique flavors of classic French cuisine, these recipes are sure to please.


Sure, here are three popular FAQs with answers for “10 Easy & Delicious French Vegetarian Recipes” on AddM3:

Q: Are the recipes in this collection all traditional French dishes?
A: Some of the recipes included draw inspiration from classic French cuisine, while others are more modern interpretations that feature traditional French ingredients or flavors. Each recipe has been adapted to be vegetarian-friendly and uses plant-based substitutes or alternatives where necessary.

Q: Can I find these ingredients easily in my local grocery store?
A: Many of the ingredients used in these recipes can be found at most grocery stores, such as vegetables, grains, and herbs. However, some less common items may require a trip to a specialty food store or online ordering. Angela Liddon provides suggestions for ingredient substitutions and alternatives where possible.

Q: Will these recipes take a long time to prepare?
A: These 10 Easy & Delicious French Vegetarian Recipes have been selected specifically because they are relatively simple and quick to prepare. Most meals can be ready within an hour or less with minimal prep work required. However, some dishes may require advance preparation (such as soaking chickpeas overnight) so it’s always best to read through the instructions before beginning any recipe to ensure you have enough time available to cook it properly.

I hope this helps!